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Urubú 2019
3.7 of 3


CAM 4.10 90 min
2019. To the city of Manaos, Brazil, arrives from Spain Tomás with his Brazilian wife Eva and their little children Andrea, for meeting Profesor Enrique Díaz, Tomas' close friend from his times of college. Well-known photographer which carrier is fading, Tomás tries to find the albino Urubu, a bird that lives in the rainforest but never seen photographed outside captivity. As Captain Ahab with Moby Dick, Tomás is obsessed to make the first photograph hoping it restores not only his prestige and reputation but his family life, after he neglects Eva and her stranded Andrea prefers spends the time looking a tablet that talking with her father. Helping his friend, Díaz rents a cabin in the middle of the rainforest, in an almost uninhabited zone where they will spend a week in complete loneliness, accompanied by Ceará, an aging assistant and the only one inhabitant of the place. Renting a boat commanded by Captain Nauta, Tomás, Eva and Andrea travel upriver to the cabin, where Nauta shows an interest by Eva and Andrea, causing jealousy in Tomás. However, things not better at their arrival: the isolation caused by the endless rainforest turns an enemy for relation between Eva and Tomás, discussing all the time by the travel and his obstinacy about the urubu, and Andrea starts to show a strange behavior that Eva fears. All worsens when at the second night to be in the cabin, Andrea vanishes without a trace. Looking around the place, Eva and Tomás searching for their daughter between accusations against each other, finding a ruined house where it was supposed did shouldn't to exist, hearing voices of children between the trees. When they back to the cabin, Tomás discovers that somebody has destroyed the radio to talk with Nauta and the city, hiding Eva. Making a second attempt at the next day, Tomás and Eva separate to walk by different paths hoping to find Andrea, just to find horror in the way: Eva meets an old woman in the jungle that drugs her for making her hallucinate, and Tomás finds an apparently harmless little children but that they show an avid instinct for killing. Escaping from them to save his life, Tomás will finds himself in a situation out of any control, facing to a terrific question if he wants find Andrea and survive: who can kill a child?


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