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I Can Quit Whenever I Want 2019
5.0 of 2

I Can Quit Whenever I Want

HD 5.70 98 min
In 2007, young university students Pedro, Arturo and Eligio look forward to graduating and earning respect and money, focusing their efforts on teachings, not having fun and feasts. But 10 years later, the bitter reality is that Pedro is divorced from his wife Gloria and seeing his little daughters Clara and Claudia once a week, being bullied by university Dean Merino, and giving chemistry classes to Chinese exchange students; Arturo survives as a home tutor giving private lessons to remedial students like Jota, who openly despises him; and Eligio is a naive geek unable to finish his history thesis whose desperate parents Rosario and Antonio are forcing him to work in Rosario's brother's gas station with the streetwise, smarter Anabel. Trying to improve his situation, Pedro requests funds from Merino for his long-delayed investigation--and gets fired. When Arturo and Eligio meet Pedro to pack up their things from the laboratory, Arturo learns about Pedro's investigation: a new pill to increase concentration. With nothing to lose, Arturo tests one pill followed by Pedro; they then force Eligio to test it. Discovering its hallucinogenic effects, the three decide to become drug dealers, and Jota and Anabel introduce them to the night world of discos and partying. Their success brings eccentric disco owner Tacho to ask them for more pills to sell in his local. Things seem to improve: Gloria is interested in Pedro again; Arturo starts dating Jota's mother Isa; and Eligio wins easy money to get his parents' respect. But suddenly the situation changes: Isa is revealed to be a police detective investigating Pedro's new pill; Merino realizes that Pedro has been making pills at the university; and Tacho demands a special shipment of 50 Kg. (110 Lbs.), threatening to kill them all if they don't accomplish it. Can they answer Tacho's demand and at the same time avoid arrest by Isa?


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